Mayday Pouch Water with Drink Container 6-Packs (24 Count)


  • Has a 5-year shelf life
  • Mayday Emergency Drinking Water is manufactured in Vista, CA
  • Meets U.S. Pharmacopoeia Standards
  • Durable, Air Tight Pouches
  • Withstand Temps. of 40° F to 230° F
  • The water pouches can be stored at 32°F, 0°C ( freezing point of water) and Can be frozen without any adverse effects
  • Water is US Coast Guard Approved - Coast Guard approval certificate # 160.026/70/0
  • Each 6-Pack of Mayday Water Pouches ( 4.225 fluid oz.) is stored in 1 Drinking Container with spout
  • Contains 12 QTY of 6-Pack per case
  • Ships in 2 cases for a total of 24 QTY 6-Pack of Mayday Water Pouches, or a total of 144 QTY of individual Mayday Water Pouches


Shelf Life 5 Years (Food & Water)
Product Returns Policy Food and water products are FINAL SALE and can not be returned to be re-sold according to law; therefore refunds for food and water products cannot be issued.
Shipping Information Will be placed on backorder if not available
Ships To All Destinations, A physical address is required, CANNOT deliver to a P.O. Box, (NOTE: Int’l customer is responsible for any custom duty or import tax imposed by your country; if uncertain, please check with your country before placing an order. Any refused shipment upon delivery will not be eligible for a refund.)
Internal Processing Time 7 to 10 Business Days
Estimated Arrival (within U.S.) 10 - 28 Days