Other than English, Chinese and Spanish, are the PEGlala™ Return Visit Books available in any other languages?

We work on translating the PEGlala™ Return Visit Books into additional languages based on demand. If you would like to be informed of availability, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates. If you would like to request for it to be made available in a particular high-demand language, please contact us via email informing the language and the approximate order quantity you would place shall it become available.

Why are the sheets within the notebook not aligned-centered, leaving extra space on the top portion?

PEGlala™ notebooks, sheets, and refill sheets are designed for use in combination with top tab dividers and side tab dividers for maximum organization. If inserting place markers (such as bookmarks, sticky notes, etc.), the extra space allows for an overall clean look by containing the entire content within the shells of the notebook.

Why do pages of the notebook feel a little stiff when opening or closing the notebook, or even when flipping between the pages?

You may be holding a newly cut & assembled notebook. Try loosening all the pages prior to use so that the pages will flow smoothly. Keep in mind that, unlike a traditional notebook, PEGlala™ notebooks use disc-shaped pegs to bind the pages. Lift and flip the pages as you would when flipping sheets within a 3-ring binder; you'll notice a dramatic difference. When having arrived at the desired sheet, try lifting the center peg with two fingers to pick up the entire notebook -- a quick way to convert the notebook into notepad to jog down notes.

I'm looking for a product that I can't find on your site.

If the product is not posted, then it likely has been discontinued, taken off our website, or it is not yet available. Sometimes we get busy and haven't gotten the chance to post the new product yet. Please take a minute and email us, we'd be glad to give you a quick answer. If there is a product that you'd like us to carry, please also send us an email to let us know! We take customer feedback very seriously, and who knows, maybe you'll see your product suggestion on our site soon! If you're looking for products related to emergency supplies, we have simplified the product posting to list only the most popular ones. However, we are an authorized retailer for ALL products carried by Mayday. We'd be glad to offer you a quote for any and all products. Just email us a list of products you're interested in, along with your shipping address, for an exact quote.

Are your products original designs? I've seen similar products sold elsewhere.

All of our stationery products are original designs with Intellectual Property Rights, such as the Return Visit Book, BIble games, sticky notes, Service Record for Children to name a few. This includes the content, text, layout, template, illustrations, images, and artwork. We've noticed throughout the years, derivative works from our material have surfaced elsewhere. We give no approval for such unethical practice in violating our Terms of Service and is not affiliated with such establishments that plagiarize our materials.

Intellectual Property Rights is regulated by law. We respect the laws of the land that do not conflict with God's law as stated in Mark 12:17 and Romans 13:1,2. Establishments intentionally violating these laws must answer to Jehovah on their own. 


What products are available for local store pickup? And where?

Most ministry supplies are available for local pick up at City of Industry, California (or neighboring city). ONLY the products listed here are available for local pick up. Please place a separate order for all other items that are not available for pick up to prevent a delay in processing. 

Please follow these steps to place a Local Pick Up Order:

  1. Within the COMMENTS field on the Shopping Cart page, specify that your order is for LOCAL PICK UP and provide the dates & time range you are available to pick up. We will then contact you to arrange details. 
  2. If the Discount Code field is available on the Checkout page, enter code: PICKUP to not be charged a shipping fee.
  3. If the Discount Code field does not display (due to having products with automatic quantity discounts applied in the Shopping Cart), you may either:
    1. Continue to place the order as-is, and we will issue a credit refund for the shipping fee when your package is picked up in person - OR -
    2. Email us your order information (items, quantity, name, email address, phone number, shipping address) so we can send you a direct invoice for the correct amount. 
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