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Balichas A Hawaii based company that sells Zoom Meeting Control Device. One click to control raise/lower hand, mute/unmute microphone, turn on/off camera and view participants. Hawaii USA Global A California based company that supplies products of use in your daily life. For the ministry, meetings, convention & assemblies, gatherings, home, auto, and gifts. We carry Return Visit Book, organizer, bags, theocratic games, downloadable products, transparent program labels, emergency survival kits & more. New products added monthly, so check back often for updates. California USA Worldwide
Strong Mind Education We provide one-on-one online tutoring for grades K-12. We have had a 90% success rate helping students improve at least one letter grade. We just rolled out online Preschool classes. Contact us for more information! Many instructors are pioneers or SKE grads that are using their degrees and experience working with school districts to help students as part-time instructors. Website: Phone: 714-915-2718 Email: California USA Worldwide
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