Special Full-Time Service Discount


  • You must presently be in the special full-time service (Circuit Overseers, District Overseers, Special Pioneers, Bethelites, etc.)
  • Create a customer login account
  • Email us and briefly state your qualifications for this special discount


  • 17% off of the current price offered on our website


  • You MUST log in to our store using your approved email account
  • You MUST enter the discount code FFSFTS on the checkout page to receive this special discount
  • Products that are currently discounted or on-sale CANNOT be placed on the same order (otherwise the discount code field will not appear). However, if you placed 2 separate orders (1 for regularly-priced items using your discount code and 1 for the automatically discounted items), you can include a note on one of the orders to let us know to combine your orders into one shipment - We can calculate the extra shipping fees paid and issue you a credit refund for the difference. 
  • Cannot be combined with other discount codes or certain special promotions
  • Some exclusions may apply (e.g. If it occurs that the price you've paid is lower than our cost to acquire the product, we reserve the right to reverse the order)
  • Offer may be withdrawn, discontinued, or changed at any time without prior notice
  • All orders must be placed and processed through our website under your approved customer account login