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How can I check on the status of my order?

To view the status of your order, make sure you’re logged into your PEGlala account. Your orders will be listed under My Account. From this page, you can see the status of all the orders you’ve placed on PEGlala. To see the detailed status and comments pertaining to an order, click on the Order # link next to the applicable order. We will also email you when there is a status update to your order.

Can my order be modified after it has been placed?

Don’t worry, you can easily change your shipping address or cancel an order within one hour of purchasing by sending us an email or a text message. If it’s been more than one hour then there’s no recourse. Just kidding. Just let us as soon as possible and we’ll do the best we can to help you. However, keep in mind that if your order is already shipped and picked up by the carrier, you may have to follow the procedures as outlined in our Returns Policy.

Do you collect sales tax?

We collect sales tax on orders shipped to within California only. We do not collect sales tax on orders to all other destinations. Prices displayed on our site are exclusive of taxes. Final sales tax will be calculated and charged on the Checkout page.

I would like to place a large order, do you give additional discounts?

We try to offer the best pricing by giving an automatic discount for bulk orders, and they are already reflected on many of our products. However, if you are interested in quantities in the 100's or high-volume emergency supplies, we can work with you to offer the best pricing available. Pleasecontact us to see what we can do for you.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do! Contact Us to let us know which products you're interested in and we can send you a wholesale price list.

Do You offer discounts?

Yes, we offer special discounts in the following ways:

  • Newsletter Subscribers - subscribers-only discount codes or new promotional discounts are sent first to newsletter subscribers. To be included in the communication, please sign up to receive our company newsletters.
  • Facebook page - "like" our Facebook page. From time-to-time, we will post special discounts exclusively for our followers.
  • Instagram - Follow us on Instagram. To evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing channels, we may post specific discounts or flash sale discounts on our Instagram account. 
  • Bulk Order Discount - We offer a bulk discount or tier-pricing discount on many products. If available, they will be displayed on the relevant product pages. This is typically the best discount we can give to all customers and overrides any other discounts. 
  • Special Full-Time Service Discount - A 25% discount on regularly priced products can be extended to individuals who are presently in the special full-time service (Circuit Overseers, District Overseers, Special Pioneers, Bethelites, etc.). If you are serving in this capacity, and BEFORE placing an order, please first create a customer login account, and then email us stating your qualifications for this special discount. When your request is approved, we will update your customer profile. Thereafter, upon your account login to place future orders, you will be given a special discount code that can be used with every purchase to receive the 25% discount on regularly priced products. The intent of the discount is meant for buying products for your personal use or to give as gifts directly to others. It is not intended for you to resale. Click here to read full details and restrictions. 

Do you offer discounts to ones in regular full-time service?

All of our products are intended for use by our brothers and sisters worldwide. Therefore, no matter what capacity you serve, PEGlala tries to offer the best possible pricing to all, transparently, and without a need for a special discount. If a discount is possible, they are reflected publicly on our website, newsletter, or via one of our social media channels. At times, special channel-specific discounts are offered as a cost to acquire sales and to measure its effectiveness. Therefore, we do not offer special discounts exclusively for regular pioneers. However, special discounts are available to ones serving in Special Full-Time Service (see #7 above). This extra layer of discount is our donation of time & profit to show our gratitude for their service, with most items sold at or below cost. We are a small business with many products being custom or hand-made, therefore our expense of doing business is also much higher than other larger businesses. Giving further discounts will eat into our cost and makes it impossible for us to stay in business. We thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Where is the Discount Code field?

The Discount Code field is located on the Checkout page. However, if you added products to your shopping cart that has an automatic quantity discount applied, then the Discount Code will not be visible/available on the Checkout page. The website system does not allow the combination of both to be used at the same time. 

The workaround is to place two separate orders (regularly priced items with discount code applied vs. items receiving automatic quantity discount). Then enter a note in the COMMENTS field on the Shopping Cart page, requesting us to combine the shipment of both orders into one package. We can manually calculate your combined shipping fee and issue you a credit refund for excess shipping fee paid if any. 


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