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Company Overview State Country Available To A California based company that supplies products of use in your daily life. For the ministry, meetings, convention & assemblies, gatherings, home, auto, and gifts. We carry Return Visit Book, organizer, bags, theocratic games, downloadable products, transparent program labels, emergency survival kits & more. New products added monthly, so check back often for updates. California USA Global
BestLife Gifts A store located 10 minutes from the U.S. Branch at 2412 Route 52, Pine Bush, New York 12566. They have a large selection of service & meeting supplies, gifts, and souvenirs.  New York USA
No Blood Wristbands No Blood Wristbands work alongside your DPA to ensure your wishes are communicated in an emergency. It acts as a medical alert bracelet to ensure that medical personnel are alerted as soon as possible of your refusal of blood transfusions. Free Shipping offer available. Chicago USA Global
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 No Blood Wristband
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