Print-to-Order: Return Visit Books

Need to get organized in your ministry? The PEGlala™ Return Visit Book is an eco-friendly field service organizer designed with maximum function, versatility and efficiency of use, all with the ministry in mind. Pages turn a full 360 degrees, which provides greater reading and writing comfort. You can quickly and easily rearrange and refill pages, allowing you to better organize notes. More than just for return visits, the PEGlala™ Return Visit Book keeps all your field service related records in one place, containing Monthly Planners, Service Records, Magazine Routes, Publication Order Log, to name just a few! It’s definitely an all-in-one notebook you need in your service bag!

Designed especially for Jehovah’s Witnesses and created with the foreign language field in mind. It is a perfect gift for pioneers, new publishers, and ones serving in the foreign language field.

Available in English, Spanish or Chinese. Pocket Size.

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