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Account & Password


I did not receive my password by email?

Please check your junk mail. If you don't find it there, click the Forgot Your Password? link on the Log in page to have a system generated password to be sent to you. If you still do not receive an email, please contact us / text us and we will try to reset the password for you.


What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Log in page. You will be asked to give us the email address you used when you signed up for Once you click “Submit”, we will email you a link where you can reset your password and create a new one.


How do I change my password, address, email address, and/or credit card information?

  • Please use the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Log in page to reset your password
  • An address change can be maintained by logging into your customer account
  • Please email us from both your old and new email address requesting for the change in email address. 
  • We do not store your credit card information.

Can I have multiple shipping addresses on file?

Yes, you can add multiple shipping addresses to your Address Book found under the "My Account" link on the top of any page when you are signed in to


How safe is my personal information when I become a member?

Your safety and privacy are our utmost priority at Your member data will never be sold or shared with third-party marketers. You may also request to have your personal data erased at any time.



Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?

Yes. The employees and owner are active Witnesses in the Southern California area from various congregations, primarily in the Chinese foreign language field. Nevertheless, our religious affiliation is a personal, private matter separate from this commercial enterprise.

All activities conducted are on a strictly professional business level. We love our brothers and sisters, however, not all of our customers may be Witnesses and therefore we reframe from addressing our customers as one. Thank you for your understanding. 

In addition, PEGlala and its employees are NOT in any way legally or officially affiliated with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (hereafter referred to as "Watchtower"), its cooperating organizations, or We do not sell Bibles or Bible literature; we do not offer any products or services offered by the Watchtower. We simply make available products that may provide added convenience to individuals who may be one of Jehovah's Witnesses and the general public. The views expressed and materials presented represent the views of PEGlala and do not in any way represent the views of the Watchtower. It should be quite obvious that the Watchtower has not approved, endorsed, embraced, or authorized any content provided by PEGlala.


Is it proper selling products to Witness brothers and sisters?

First century Christians evidently conducted business with fellow believers, and Witnesses today naturally buy and sell products in their everyday lives from various sources to fulfill their personal needs. Some products we sell may be useful to non-Witnesses, though most of our products are intended to provide an added convenience for Jehovah's Witnesses.

We believe we are conducting business honorably before Jehovah God. We do not conduct business transactions in place of worship (such as inside the Kingdom Hall, Assembly Halls, etc.) and we strongly discourage our customers from selling or promoting our products at places where it may be inappropriate.


What language do you correspond in?

At present, we are able to correspond in English and Chinese.

Orders & Discounts


How can I check on the status of my order?

To view the status of your order, make sure you’re logged into your PEGlala account. Your orders will be listed under My Account. From this page, you can see the status of all the orders you’ve placed on PEGlala. To see the detailed status and comments pertaining to an order, click on the Order # link next to the applicable order. We will also email you when there is a status update to your order.

Can my order be modified after it has been placed?

Don’t worry, you can easily change your shipping address or cancel an order within one hour of purchasing by sending us an email or a text message. If it’s been more than one hour then there’s no recourse. Just kidding. Just let us as soon as possible and we’ll do the best we can to help you. However, keep in mind that if your order is already shipped and picked up by the carrier, you may have to follow the procedures as outlined in our Returns Policy.

Do you collect sales tax?

We collect sales tax on orders shipped to within California only. We do not collect sales tax on orders to all other destinations. Prices displayed on our site are exclusive of taxes. Final sales tax will be calculated and charged on the Checkout page.

I would like to place a large order, do you give additional discounts?

We try to offer the best pricing by giving an automatic discount for bulk orders, and they are already reflected on many of our products. However, if you are interested in quantities in the 100's or high-volume emergency supplies, we can work with you to offer the best pricing available. Pleasecontact us to see what we can do for you.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do! Contact Us to let us know which products you're interested in and we can send you a wholesale price list.

Do You offer discounts?

Yes, we offer special discounts in the following ways:

  • Newsletter Subscribers - subscribers-only discount codes or new promotional discounts are sent first to newsletter subscribers. To be included in the communication, please sign up to receive our company newsletters.
  • Facebook page - "like" our Facebook page. From time-to-time, we will post special discounts exclusively for our followers.
  • Instagram - Follow us on Instagram. To evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing channels, we may post specific discounts or flash sale discounts on our Instagram account. 
  • Bulk Order Discount - We offer a bulk discount or tier-pricing discount on many products. If available, they will be displayed on the relevant product pages. This is typically the best discount we can give to all customers and overrides any other discounts. 
  • Special Full-Time Service Discount - A 25% discount on regularly priced products can be extended to individuals who are presently in the special full-time service (Circuit Overseers, District Overseers, Special Pioneers, Bethelites, etc.). If you are serving in this capacity, and BEFORE placing an order, please first create a customer login account, and then email us stating your qualifications for this special discount. When your request is approved, we will update your customer profile. Thereafter, upon your account login to place future orders, you will be given a special discount code that can be used with every purchase to receive the 25% discount on regularly priced products. The intent of the discount is meant for buying products for your personal use or to give as gifts directly to others. It is not intended for you to resale. Click here to read full details and restrictions. 

Do you offer discounts to ones in regular full-time service?

All of our products are intended for use by our brothers and sisters worldwide. Therefore, no matter what capacity you serve, PEGlala tries to offer the best possible pricing to all, transparently, and without a need for a special discount. If a discount is possible, they are reflected publicly on our website, newsletter, or via one of our social media channels. At times, special channel-specific discounts are offered as a cost to acquire sales and to measure its effectiveness. Therefore, we do not offer special discounts exclusively for regular pioneers. However, special discounts are available to ones serving in Special Full-Time Service (see #7 above). This extra layer of discount is our donation of time & profit to show our gratitude for their service, with most items sold at or below cost. We are a small business with many products being custom or hand-made, therefore our expense of doing business is also much higher than other larger businesses. Giving further discounts will eat into our cost and makes it impossible for us to stay in business. We thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Where is the Discount Code field?

The Discount Code field is located on the Checkout page. However, if you added products to your shopping cart that has an automatic quantity discount applied, then the Discount Code will not be visible/available on the Checkout page. The website system does not allow the combination of both to be used at the same time. 

The workaround is to place two separate orders (regularly priced items with discount code applied vs. items receiving automatic quantity discount). Then enter a note in the COMMENTS field on the Shopping Cart page, requesting us to combine the shipment of both orders into one package. We can manually calculate your combined shipping fee and issue you a credit refund for excess shipping fee paid if any. 


Payment and Credits


What are my payment options?

Payment can be made with all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover, JCB, Diners Club), Cashier's Check/Money Order, PayPal, Venmo, Shopify Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

If you're having difficulties with payment, we also accept PayPal.Me/peglala (or send to and Zelle / Chase QuickPay (send to First submit your order online by selecting the Bank Deposit payment option on the Checkout page, then use PayPal.Me or Chase QuickPay to complete the payment transaction. Be sure to make a note in your order & payment so we can link them together.


I'm paying by cashier's check or money order, how do I place my order?

On the Checkout page under Payment method section, select the payment option "Money Order". Review and submit the order online, then print a copy of the order confirmation page. Mail a copy of the order confirmation page and payment to the address provided within 5 business days to avoid having your order canceled. 

Do you accept personal checks?

No. We apologize that we do not accept personal checks. The only special exemption is if the personal check is drawn from a JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. located within the United States and is issued in USD -- in this case, we are able to verify funds in your account prior to deposit. Personal checks drawn from all other banking institutions will be returned.

When and where will I receive my refund?

All refunds will post back to the original method of payment typically within 1 to 5 business days, depending on how long your financial institution takes. When you receive a refund confirmation from us, that is the time we have completed the steps needed on our end to send the funds back to where they came from. 



Other than English, Chinese and Spanish, are the PEGlala™ Return Visit Books available in any other languages?

We work on translating the PEGlala™ Return Visit Books into additional languages based on demand. If you would like to be informed of availability, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates. If you would like to request for it to be made available in a particular high-demand language, please contact us via email informing the language and the approximate order quantity you would place shall it become available.

Why are the sheets within the notebook not aligned-centered, leaving extra space on the top portion?

PEGlala™ notebooks, sheets, and refill sheets are designed for use in combination with top tab dividers and side tab dividers for maximum organization. If inserting place markers (such as bookmarks, sticky notes, etc.), the extra space allows for an overall clean look by containing the entire content within the shells of the notebook.

Why do pages of the notebook feel a little stiff when opening or closing the notebook, or even when flipping between the pages?

You may be holding a newly cut & assembled notebook. Try loosening all the pages prior to use so that the pages will flow smoothly. Keep in mind that, unlike a traditional notebook, PEGlala™ notebooks use disc-shaped pegs to bind the pages. Lift and flip the pages as you would when flipping sheets within a 3-ring binder; you'll notice a dramatic difference. When having arrived at the desired sheet, try lifting the center peg with two fingers to pick up the entire notebook -- a quick way to convert the notebook into notepad to jog down notes.

I'm looking for a product that I can't find on your site.

If the product is not posted, then it likely has been discontinued, taken off our website, or it is not yet available. Sometimes we get busy and haven't gotten the chance to post the new product yet. Please take a minute and email us, we'd be glad to give you a quick answer. If there is a product that you'd like us to carry, please also send us an email to let us know! We take customer feedback very seriously, and who knows, maybe you'll see your product suggestion on our site soon! If you're looking for products related to emergency supplies, we have simplified the product posting to list only the most popular ones. However, we are an authorized retailer for ALL products carried by Mayday. We'd be glad to offer you a quote for any and all products. Just email us a list of products you're interested in, along with your shipping address, for an exact quote.

Are your products original designs? I've seen similar products sold elsewhere.

All of our stationery products are original designs with Intellectual Property Rights, such as the Return Visit Book, BIble games, sticky notes, Service Record for Children to name a few. This includes the content, text, layout, template, illustrations, images, and artwork. We've noticed throughout the years, derivative works from our material have surfaced elsewhere. We give no approval for such unethical practice in violating our Terms of Service and is not affiliated with such establishments that plagiarize our materials.

Intellectual Property Rights is regulated by law. We respect the laws of the land that do not conflict with God's law as stated in Mark 12:17 and Romans 13:1,2. Establishments intentionally violating these laws must answer to Jehovah on their own. 


What products are available for local store pickup? And where?

Most ministry supplies are available for local pick up at City of Industry, California (or neighboring city). ONLY the products listed here are available for local pick up. Please place a separate order for all other items that are not available for pick up to prevent a delay in processing. 

Please follow these steps to place a Local Pick Up Order:

  1. Within the COMMENTS field on the Shopping Cart page, specify that your order is for LOCAL PICK UP and provide the dates & time range you are available to pick up. We will then contact you to arrange details. 
  2. If the Discount Code field is available on the Checkout page, enter code: PICKUP to not be charged a shipping fee.
  3. If the Discount Code field does not display (due to having products with automatic quantity discounts applied in the Shopping Cart), you may either:
    1. Continue to place the order as-is, and we will issue a credit refund for the shipping fee when your package is picked up in person - OR -
    2. Email us your order information (items, quantity, name, email address, phone number, shipping address) so we can send you a direct invoice for the correct amount. 



I need to return a product, what do I do?

We understand that sometimes things just don’t work out. On most items, we do accept returns and exchanges. You can check out the full terms of our Refund Policy here to view a list of items not eligible for return. Then fill out the Return Request form here. Please note that we will NOT accept returns without a Return Authorization (RA) number. If you have a question or need help with a specific order, please contact us.

What if I have a problem with an item that is not returnable?

Please contact us and we’ll do our best to work it out.



Where do you ship?

We can ship most products to any domestic or international destination. For products with known destination exclusions, a disclaimer will be noted on the Product page. Please do not place an order for this product if the disclaimer is applicable to your destination. We will issue a cancellation and refund for an item ordered if we become aware that a certain product shipment cannot be processed. Your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which your order ships. These charges are always the recipient’s responsibility.

What are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates are calculated automatically based on weight and shipping destination. To get a shipping estimate, enter your destination in the Get Shipping Estimates section on the bottom of the Shopping Cart page. 

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped to you as quickly as humanly possible from the time of your order. Depending on the type of product and how it is produced, the items may ship directly from PEGlala or from our suppliers.

We typically process incoming orders regularly on Mondays and Thursdays. The USPS carrier picks up the packages the next day for delivery. Therefore, the latest time to place an order is best before 4 PM PST to allow sufficient time to process and ship your order within the shortest time possible.

Some of the products we sell are handmade upon purchase, which can increase the processing time.

For most theocratic-related products, domestic small orders under 13 oz will be shipped via USPS First Class Package 2-5 business days, and domestic orders 13 oz or over will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail 1-3 business days. 

For most items listed under the Marketplace collection, we may use other shipment methods such as UPS, FedEx, etc. which have various shipping speed and may take between 1 to 15 business days for processing.

The expected processing time and shipping time for a product are disclosed in the Product Details page.

Please note, we cannot guarantee a time window of when your shipment will reach you since we have no control over internal operations of the carrier. We can only promise that we will do our best to process your order as soon as we receive it, during our normal business days, and have it ready for carrier pick up the next business day.


Can I track my order shipment?

After your order is shipped from PEGlala, you will receive a shipment confirmation email that contains a tracking number for your order. You can then go to the corresponding shipping company's website to track the current status of your package using the tracking number. We recommend subscribing to text or email alerts from the shipping company so you know the current location of your package at all times. (Click here to subscribe for USPS alerts, or here to subscribe to UPS alerts.)

When will I receive my order shipment?

Delivery of items in stock normally takes 10 to 14 business days to within the United States and between 3 to 5 weeks to destinations outside of the United States. Certain products under the Marketplace collection may take up to 30 or 35 days. We do attempt to process your orders as soon as possible; therefore you may receive the shipment before the estimated time period.

Shipping time does vary for specific products. For a more precise estimate, please navigate to the relevant Product page, then view the Additional Information for the product's Estimated Arrival information.


I never received my package, what do I do now?

We provide tracking numbers for all outgoing packages to our customers. If the tracking status shows that the package was delivered to the address provided by the customer, we are not held liable for the lost or missing package on the receiving end. It is the customer's responsibility to contact the appropriate shipping company to locate the lost package, check with ones in your household who may have misplaced the package, check with your neighbors if your local mail carrier tends to misplace packages or file a report with the local authority in case of theft. For most packages shipped via USPS First Class Mail, you can click here to Submit a Search Request for Missing Mail. For large orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail, may click here to File a Claim for Insured Mail, if the missing mail request failed. In either case, we recommend you to keep a close eye on your package in advance by subscribing to text or email alerts from the shipping company so you know the current location of your package at all times. (Click here to subscribe for USPS alerts, or here to subscribe to UPS alerts.) Thus you can contact the shipping company immediately if you notice a discrepancy occurred with the package location, and increase the package recovery rate. You may also notify us and we will be glad to provide assistance and guidance if necessary.

Do you offer store pick up?

Most ministry supplies are available for local pick up at City of Industry, California (or neighboring city). ONLY the products listed within this Collection are available for local pick up.  


    Do you offer express, rush, or next-day shipping?

    Yes. Please contact us directly via text message for fastest response, so we can gauge if the products of interest are available for rush shipping and to discuss if we have enough resource bandwidth to process your rush order outside of our normal processing days (Monday/Thursday). 

    If it is feasible, you will:

    1. Receive our verbal approval to proceed with placing an order
    2. Place your order online by adding all desired products to cart
    3. Click here to select and add a 1-Day or 2-Day Rush Order Service Fee into your shopping cart (the labor fee for preparing your order within 24 or 48 hours of placement and for making a special trip to the post office just for your package)
    4. Select the Priority Mail Express shipping option on the Checkout page. (This option offers overnight guaranteed 1-Day or 2-Day expedited delivery to most US locations by 3 p.m.; 3-5 day guaranteed delivery for select international locations. The shipping fee paid can be refunded by USPS if the package does not arrive on time.)
    5. Submit the order and message us to inform that it's been placed. We'll look for the order and start on it right away!

    Technical Support


    Some buttons (such as Add to Cart) are not responding when I click on it, what should I do?

    • Please refresh/reload browser page (hit the F5 key). Once the page reloads, ensure that ALL required fields (noted with "*") are filled out before clicking on the Add to Cart button.
    • If you have apps or extensions added to your browser, such as AdBlock that prevents popup boxes, they may need to be temporarily disabled. Then try again.
    • If you're unable to check out when clicking on the Go to Checkout button, please select (check it) that little box that says "I agree with the terms and conditions" first in order for this button to be enabled. 

    I'm unable to place my order while on the Checkout page, even after several attempts.

    Please contact us / text us to send you a direct payment link for the order you're attempting to place. 

    How do I download a digital product that I've purchased?

    1. Verify that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer. If not already installed, click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download and complete the installation steps provided by Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file can be opened by Acrobat 7.0 or later.
    2. After payment is received and verified, you will receive an email titled "Your downloads are ready" that contains a unique link to retrieve your purchase. Please save a copy of this email! You will need the download link for future download attempts.  
    3. Click on the provided link, then click the green button "Download Now". The PDF file will be downloaded to your device. 
    4. Five (5) download attempts are available. Shall you experience technical difficulties, please contact us to resend you the link.

    The download link does not work or I'm unable to download.

    Some mobile or tablet devices may experience technical difficulties with downloading digital files due to security policies set by the devices and browsers. We suggest downloading from a computer if you are experiencing an issue. Shall you experience technical difficulties, please contact us for support. 


    I subscribed to the Weekly Meeting Packets downloadable product for the year, and I stopped receiving the weekly update notification emails before the end of the year.

    This is a known and unresolved error for a few customers at the moment. Here are workaround solutions for the time being:

    1. Purchase Version 2 of the Free Meeting Packets. A few volunteers tested these product listings and it's working as expected. It's the same content, but posted as a different item. Click here for the Midweek Meeting Packet and click here for the Weekend Meeting Packet
    2. Download Directly. Due to the technical issue, we will temporarily provide a direct download link for the Meeting Packets that can be accessed on the original product page. To retrieve, click on the applicable Meeting Packet item. In the Product Description section, click on the word "FILE" within the first sentence in red text that looks something like "FILE UPDATED: Uploaded on MM/DD/2021 for the week ending MM/DD/2021." and the direct download link becomes accessible. Bookmark the product page for ease of access. This workaround may discontinue when the issue is resolved (such as when Version 2 above becomes a permanent solution).

    Separately, please add and to your address book to keep us on your safe sender list. This will prevent our emails from being rejected by your mail server provider or from being sent to the junk mail folder. 

    In addition, If you continue to experience an issue with not receiving an email update for the Meeting Packets on newly placed orders, please send a quick email at to report so we can try to figure out if an alternative way of listing the free Meeting Packet needs to be considered.


    I'm seeing a security warning message when I try to download a product, warning me that my connection Is not private.

    Please perform the following steps:

    • Clear your cache and cookies on your browser. After this, completely reboot the browser.
    • Try on another web browser or an incognito window.
    • Ensure the web browser is up to date on the latest version (we don't support every browser, but we do support these ones.)
    • Try another device or on the Shopify Mobile app.
    • Try another internet connection (Ex., switch to a cellular network on a phone rather than wifi)
    • Ensure there are no pop-ups being blocked in the web browser. 
    • Ensure you do not have any firewalls or pop up/ad blockers enabled on the device.

    If the issue persists, please go to this site here, and provide the information listed so we can investigate further.