Service Fee for 2-Day Rush Order Processing


Prerequisite: Customer will be in constant contact and have received approval based on PEGlala's resource ability to process a rush order. If not already, please call or email us to confirm if we're able to process a rush order before selecting this option. 

This is typically used in combination with next-day, overnight or express shipping service, to shorten the internal order processing time. We will process your rush order outside of our normal business days and/or make a special trip to the post office to drop off your order at the post office. 

  • Process your order within 2 days of your order placement (within 48 hours or before the post office's close of business the next day)
  • Make a special trip to the post office to drop off your package within 2 days or before the close of business the 3rd day (depending on post office hours and time of placing the order) 
  • This fee does NOT include postage or shipping fees, to be paid separately on the checkout page