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Congregation Accounts Also known as NEAT Accounting provides a program template that works with MS Excel to handle receipts, reimbursements and bank reconciliation.
DTSystems Telephone Dial-up System that allows callers to listen live to an audio feed, such as a live meeting, recorded message or information service.
Field Service Assistant A contact management program to manage calls, placements, and calculates volunteered time.
Illustrations Library A fully indexed and searchable collection of good illustrations for Jehovah's Witnesses to use.  USA
JW CLM Scheduler A JW app or theocratic software program to help elders schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting CLM (previously called the Theocratic Ministry School TMS). This JW app helps elders schedule the school parts, prayers, readings, and all other JW theocratic talks and assignments. It is simple to use, time-saving and secure. It produces attractive & appealing schedules that can be given to both elders & students.
Kingdom Hall Schedules Software for elders and ministerial servants to manage schedules pertaining to public talks, speakers, congregation members & activities, field service groups, Theocratic Ministry School, Territories, Cleaning assignments, etc.
Literature Room Organizer Free inventory management system developed by a brother from New Iberia, Louisiana. Features order tracking for multiple congregations, printable reports, automatic updates, backup, and more. Louisiana USA
Public Talk Software Offers software to assist with public talk scheduling and meeting scheduling
Territory AssistaNt A free territory management application
Territory Servant A free web app to help the brothers create and manage door-to-door, letter, and phone territories.
TMS Explorer A Windows software program for Theocratic Ministry School. Mobile app available.
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