(Digital) 2023-2024 Circuit Assembly with Circuit Overseer Notebook for Kids (9 languages)

Gigi Navarro
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FREE! Available in English, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

Attention, parents! And kids! This 18-page 2023-2024 "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah’"! -- Psalm 130:6 Circuit Assembly with Circuit Overseer Notebook is the perfect tool to help keep the young ones focused on the subject matter during the assembly and busy with hands-on activities, while the parents can *finally* find a moment of peace to focus on absorbing spiritual knowledge and know that the kids are engaged. What an awesome way to help kids concentrate =) 

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  • Suitable for ages 3 through 13
  • 18 pages
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  • Available in English, Danish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish (more to come)

This notebook is put together by Gigi Navarro, our dear pioneer sister from the Belmont Shore Congregation in Long Beach, California. She has been personally sending out meeting packets for kids for the past years. Although her own children are grown adults and faithful servants of Jehovah, she started making these in September 2016 to help young parents with their young children who were having a difficult time focusing at the meetings. If you appreciate this meeting packet, please express your appreciation by sharing this with more parents, leaving a positive review below, contributing via a monetary donation, and or sending GiGi a personal thanks! 

Special thanks to volunteer translators for making this available in additional languages! 

  • Chinese by Vicky Lin
  • French by Neusa Leitao
  • Portuguese by Noemi Santos
  • Russian by Алина,Егор
  • Spanish by Aliz Gomez
  • Danish & Slovenian by anonymous volunteer friends 

If you are a content creator and would like to share free resources to benefit our worldwide brotherhood, feel free to reach out. If you would like to join our team of volunteers to translate this material into another language, please don't be shy to let us know. =) 

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    8/22/2023 Initial listing for 2023-2024 "Eagerly Wait for Jehovah’"! in English and Russian
    8/27/2023 French and Spanish available.
    9/19/2023 Slovenian available
    9/29/2023 Danish & Portuguese available
    10/31/2023 Chinese Traditional available
    2/8/2024 Dutch available